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We're all a little fucked up, and I'm just trying to find myself. I'm actually lost quite a bit.

I hate lies.

Type 1 Diabetic. But I saw the term "diabadass" used and I'm going to use that.

This is a journey I guess.

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People don’t listen, they just wait for their turn to talk.

Its hard to breathe, 

or really function at all right now.


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I hope there are days when you fall in love with being alive.


>people who take notes in class on their laptops/tablets

pen and paper master race bitches see you on the track

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My Blood sugars were really high all day yesterday, there was NOTHING ON THIS EARTH THAT WOULD BRING THEM DOWN. DO YOU KNOW HOW SHITTY I FELT ALL DAY???

And now, today, I continuously am getting hypos. Its only just after 2 pm and I’ve already hit 55-75 area 4 times.

WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!?!  I’m so done with this. 

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